First device to hack your metabolism & lose weight

In a single breath, see if your body is burning fat or carbs and what to do about it.


״It's crazy, I use it like I use a scale. I've come to rely on it every day. Lumen has transformed my life.״

Bernadette C.
Off-Broadway Producer

״I haven't looked at carbs the same way since using Lumen. I've shaped-up and lost weight because of it. Thanks Lumen!״

Carly M.
Regional market manager

״With Lumen, every day I can see what's working and not working - I can see how my body is responding. It's a good feeling.״

Maggie R.

״I was able to lose a lot of body fat and my performance at the gym was getting better. With Lumen I was shocked that I was able to get back to that and even more.״

Alex C.
Pre-med student

״I truly loved the accountability Lumen held me to. it opened my eyes to actually eating what my body needs, and when, in order for me to see results.״

Astami B.
Financial analyst

״Compared to stepping on a scale and seeing the number go down or up Lumen tells you in real time how you're doing and adjusts accordingly.״

Drew P.
Financial advisor

״As a nutrition professional, this product is truly revolutionary. It allows you to see how your body is working and what you’re putting into it. It will truly optimize your health!״

Gigi R.

״What's cool about Lumen is that you see direct results. It makes me accountable for what I put in my body, something I can't do on my own.״

Jacob W.
Production intern

״Lumen is an amazing device that teaches you what to eat, you just need to breathe in the morning. I want Lumen back, please.״

Julz D.
Senior strategic planner

״Lumen has shown me a new way of thinking about nutrition and diet. It helps me make better nutritional decisions by giving me instant feedback and a tangible nutritional plan.״

Kim N.

״It’s incredible that this small device allows you to measure your metabolism in your home. I learned so much about my body.״

Marco E.
Travel Designer

״I learned so much about my body and my hunger that I just never knew. I was sad to give up my Lumen at the end of the beta test. Get on board if you can.״

Matt S.

Nutrition that fits your metabolism.

Your metabolism is different than your friends, your colleagues, your favorite actor. So why shouldn’t your nutrition be? By making a small change to the way you eat, you will see a big difference.

Track your metabolism.

See how yesterday’s meals and activities are affecting your metabolism today, and what to do to reach your personal goals.

Eat the right foods for your body.

Breathe in the morning and get a personalized daily nutrition plan according to your metabolism and goals.

Improve your workouts.

Breathe before a workout to see if you have enough energy or if you need to fuel up first. And afterwards see the impact it's had on your body.

Guidance, every step of the way.

Get expert feedback at the right time and understand what you’re doing right and what needs to be changed in order for you to reach your goals.

No need to track food, just breathe.

Metabolism is Life

Metabolism occurs in each and every cell of your body. It's the process by which your body converts the food you eat into energy for immediate or later use.

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